the neabec difference

Accessing our unique mix of methodology, expertise and experience you will be able to

  • Connect to a new market
  • Meet the best local prospects and partners
  • Do business from day 1

The Neabec Difference, our unique rapid business- and operating model methodology will allow you to move from initial match making to a fully operational business model including funding and guarantee options in record time.

The NEABEC Success Model

Our experts will take you through a unique process. To build  successful business in East Africa

Step 1: Match making

 We match you to BEST East African business prospects and partners.

Let us know who or what you are looking for. We will work through our partners in Kampala, Nairobi and the wider East-African region to identify potential partners.

Afterwards we will;

  • Set up the match
  • Prepare the workshop based on the information provided by you as well as our unique market information and player understanding
  • Provide all documentation from the workshops afterwards

Step 2: Modeling the joint business model and value chain for Your business

  1. Value chain modeling:
    what will the value chain between the two+ partners as well as the market look like
  2. Regulatory environment:
    a checklist for rules and regulations that will apply to joint business model.
  3. Key products and services: identifying what the joint business model will need going forward

Step 3: Defining a high level East African operating model

  • Defining roles and responsibilities between the players
  • Naming responsible persons/teams for key areas of interaction

Defining a long term roadmap and key milestones in order to timeline a viable way forward for the business partners

Key performance indicators

Defining clear targets and a way of measuring joint success of early cooperation between the partners

  • Defining the immediate key actions to take in order to achieve rapid, joint success
  •  Review by NEABEC experts to make sure key actions in the context of business between Nordics & East Africa are covered